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School Completion Programme SCP


The School Completion Programme (SCP)

In an effort to combat ESL & to impact on levels of retention in Irish schools and on the numbers of pupils who complete the senior cycle, the DES has launched the new School Completion Programme(SCP). The SCP is part of the DES's strategy to discriminate in favour of children/young people who are at risk ofor who experience educational disadvantage. The programme is funded under the NDP with assistance from the European Social Fund (ESF). This year 82 SCP sites will exist around the country (this includes the existing 17 8-15 E.S.L.I Sites).

The SCP is meant to compliment existing education provision within schools & where possible provide additional resources & supports for the Target Group.

Factors Contributing to Early School Leaving (ESL)

  • ESL is not simply a matter of a young person dropping out of school, rather it is a complex process involving a range of variables, interactions and events which culminates in the young person deciding to leave school early or be forced out of the education system(Boldt,1994)
  • From an analysis of the general causes of early school leaving , it would seem that home factors, individual students charachteristics and the school system itself, together can lead to a situation of alienation from school or early school drop-out (Blaug 2001)

Schools Invited to Participate in the SCP

  • Schools were selected at primary & second levels that form an educational community network serving areas with the highest levels of early school leaving.
  • They are managed locally and should include schools staff, parents, local representatives of the relevent statutory & voluntary agencies e.g. Community Development, Barnados, Health Boards, Gardai, JLO, Youth Services, Vincent de Paul, ADM  funded Prtnerships, Drugs Strategy, Corporation/Local Authority, etc.


An Integrated Response

The SCP is based on the concept of 'integrated Services';at two levels

1. Reviewing of the use and development of existing/traditional services. Which will entail the co-ordination of a range of more recent DES provisions so that their benefits can be maximised for the targeted population.

2. Preventive &Supportive responses which include multi-faceted actions/responses to the needs of the young people:These include-in-school supports, out-of-/after school supports, holiday provision, sport and leisure activities and supports that target the young person's home and community life.

The retention of each individual Project tries to reflect these in a collaborative way and in consultation with the relevent agencies mentioned.


The SCP is essentially a targeted initiative , which aims to positively discriminate in favour of those at risk of or experiencing educational disadvantage.

Categories Of Action

  • Preventive actions that obviate potential 'risk' becoming real.
  • Supportive & ongoing actions when 'risk' symptoms emerge.

Supports Include:

In School                                     -curricular support, one-on-one support learning & remediation

Out Of School Programmes        -out reach work, off-campus education provision

After-School Programmes          -home work clubs, personal development programmes, sport activities

Holiday provision                        -education/recreation programmes during holiday periods

Project Staff

  • local Co-ordinator
  • Education Support Worker-primary level
  • Education Support Worker-secondary level
  • Youth worker


Project Base

Rosbrien An.S.E.O. School Completion Programme

C/o Our Lady Lourdes Primary School

Rosbrien, Limerick




You can contact Declan Blackett

Project Co-ordinator

Telephone 225287




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